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Whose Interests are You Serving?

If you wish to embark on a new path, you must!

You must because you can, and because life is too short to not live from your soul.

Don’t go it alone. Let your dreams be reborn in the Greater Work Community.
Greater work, meaningful, mission-driven, and rewarding work, holds the key to a successful and satisfied life.

Greater Work is Now OPEN!

Transform Your Career Path with Greater Work: A New Journey Awaits
Feeling trapped in a career that serves others more than it serves you? The Greater Work Community is your gateway to change. We specialize in helping professionals like you find and transition to work that aligns with your personal values and aspirations.
Break Free from Unfulfilling Roles
You've dedicated yourself to jobs that prioritize the company's interests over your own. It's time to shift that focus. We understand the frustration of feeling unfulfilled and overlooked, and we're here to guide you towards a career that truly resonates with you.
Embark on a Journey to Self-Realization
Our Big Promise is clear: "Tired of working for someone who doesn't have your best interests at heart? I'll be your guide in discovering and executing safe and effective strategies to transition into work that resonates with your personal meaning, mission, and rewards. Together, we'll pave the way to a career that is authentically yours, ensuring the work you do is as rewarding as it is fulfilling."
“Too many people are overanalyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it.”
-Michelle Zatlyn
Exploring and Testing New Horizons
With Greater Work, you'll learn how to ideate and test new career paths safely and effectively. Our community provides the resources and support to explore real options, allowing you to test out new revenue streams and make a wise transition when the time is right.
Expert Guidance at Every Step
Brian Hatano, your guide and coach, brings a wealth of experience in career transitions and personal development. His insights and strategies will empower you to make informed decisions about your career path, ensuring a transition that aligns with your deepest aspirations.
Join Us and Redefine Your Career
Don't let your potential be confined by the limitations of your current job. Sign up for the Greater Work Community and start exploring the possibilities that await you. A fulfilling, authentic career is not just a dream—it's within your reach.

Meet your Community Coach

My name is Brian Hatano. I’ve never been one to follow a straight career path, dabbling in creative projects and nonprofit ventures in high school and college, then teaching and managing a language school in Japan, recruiting engineers in Asia, and starting my own recruiting business in Silicon Valley. The one thing that has always been important to me is living vocationally. What that means to me is work that is meaningful as a craft, mission-driven in its impact, and rewarding in capital. Having tried too many wrong approaches, gotten some right, and having the opportunity to see thousands of other career and entrepreneur paths, I have landed on a set of principles that work in most people’s lives. This community is the platform to share and engage with those principles and the wisdom of the community that develops over time. If you share the belief that work matters, that “greater” work can make all things in your life better or easier to manage, then my promise to you is that this community will benefit you, bringing joy, renewed purpose, and practical tools & methods.

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* Yes, I am aware of the OpenAI fiasco- crazy!
Update: things at OpenAI seem mostly settled, and these GPTs currently work for anyone with a Plus account. In the future, TBD on a decision to keep the AI apps on this platform or rebuild them somewhere else.

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