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Is Your Entrepreneurial Adventure What you Expected?

While your entrepreneurial adventure may not have unfolded as you initially imagined, you remain resilient and determined.

Without embracing , however, you’ll never reach your potential.

Don’t go it alone. Let your dreams be reborn in the Greater Work Community.
Greater work, meaningful, mission-driven, and rewarding work, holds the key to a successful and satisfied life.

Greater Work is Now OPEN!

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Greater Work: Redefining Indie Capitalism
Has your entrepreneurial adventure taken a different turn than you expected? In the Greater Work Community, we understand the unpredictability of the entrepreneurial path. We're here to reignite your passion and redefine your journey, turning challenges into triumphs.
Acknowledge the Unforeseen Twists
Every entrepreneur dreams of a smooth and prosperous journey, but the reality often diverges from these expectations. It's not about the setbacks, but how you adapt and evolve. Our community is dedicated to helping you navigate these waters.
Big Promise: Transform Your Business
We believe in the power of indie entrepreneurship and its potential to revolutionize not just your life, but the world. "Your entrepreneurial adventure may not have unfolded as you initially imagined, but your belief in your dream remains unshaken. With the right community, resources, and actionable insights, you can transform your business to achieve tenfold success with less effort."
"The world is not the most pleasant place...You need to learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe and sometimes, pardon my language, kick some ass."
- Queen Elizabeth II
A New Path to Success: Four Key Insights
Integrate Yourself: Blend your personal values and vision into your business model for a more authentic and fulfilling venture.
Embrace the Indie Capitalist Mantra: "If you want more, serve more." Expand your impact to scale your success.
Clarity in Vision: See your path clearly to make strategic decisions that steer your business towards success.
Constraint Minimization: Focus on efficiency by eliminating complexities, streamlining your operations for maximum impact with minimal effort.
Expert Guidance for Indie Entrepreneurs
Join a community backed by the expertise of Brian Hatano, who brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. With tailored strategies and personalized support, Brian will help you harness these four key insights to maximize your entrepreneurial potential.
Join Greater Work and Transform Your Venture
Don’t let the divergences in your entrepreneurial path deter you. Embrace a new approach with the Greater Work Community, and start your journey toward a more rewarding and impactful entrepreneurship. Sign up now and be part of a community that's dedicated to your success.

Meet your Greater Work Coach

My name is Brian Hatano. I’ve never been one to follow a straight career path, dabbling in creative projects and nonprofit ventures in high school and college, then teaching and managing a language school in Japan, recruiting engineers in Asia, and starting my own recruiting business in Silicon Valley. The one thing that has always been important to me is living vocationally. What that means to me is work that is meaningful as a craft, mission-driven in its impact, and rewarding in capital. Having tried too many wrong approaches, gotten some right, and having the opportunity to see thousands of other career and entrepreneur paths, I have landed on a set of principles that work in most people’s lives. This community is the platform to share and engage with those principles and the wisdom of the community that develops over time. If you share the belief that work matters, that “greater” work can make all things in your life better or easier to manage, then my promise to you is that this community will benefit you, bringing joy, renewed purpose, and practical tools & methods.

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* Yes, I am aware of the OpenAI fiasco- crazy!
Update: things at OpenAI seem mostly settled, and these GPTs currently work for anyone with a Plus account. In the future, TBD on a decision to keep the AI apps on this platform or rebuild them somewhere else.

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