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Is this Team the Dream?

Engagement planning is the only way to recruit and build a Dream Team.

Don’t go it alone. Let your dreams be reborn in the Greater Work Community.
Greater work, meaningful, mission-driven, and rewarding work, holds the key to a successful and satisfied life.

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Cultivate Your Dream Team with Greater Work: Leadership Redefined
Is your current team falling short of the dream you had envisioned? At Greater Work Community, we understand the complexities and challenges of team building. We're here to assist leaders like you in transforming your team into the collaborative, high-performing unit you've always wanted.
Recognize and Overcome the Challenges
It's disheartening when a team doesn't live up to expectations. But with dedication and the right approach, these challenges can be overcome. We acknowledge the effort you've already put in and are here to help you pivot towards a more effective strategy.
The Big Promise: Achieving the Dream Team
Our commitment to you is clear: "You're a leader who truly cares and is willing to go the extra mile, yet your team still isn't the 'dream' you envisioned. While you may need to let the original vision go, you can still absolutely achieve a highly engaged, high-performing, and collaborative 'dream team' if you start with a focus on engagement and what that looks like."
Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
A New Approach to Team Building
The key to a dream team lies in engagement. By building your team around engagement, you enable organic, collaborative performance. Our methods focus on engagement profile-driven hiring and management, ensuring each team member is not only skilled but also deeply connected to their work and the team's goals.
Expertise and Experience at Your Disposal
With Brian Hatano’s extensive experience in team management and leadership coaching, the Greater Work Community offers invaluable insights and tools for leaders committed to excellence. Brian's approach is tailored to foster a positive, engaging, and productive team environment.
Join Us and Transform Your Leadership Journey
Don’t let your vision of a 'dream team' fade away. Embrace a new method of team building with Greater Work. Sign up now and start your journey towards creating a team that's not only high-performing but also deeply engaged and collaborative.

Meet your Greater Work Coach

My name is Brian Hatano. I’ve never been one to follow a straight career path, dabbling in creative projects and nonprofit ventures in high school and college, then teaching and managing a language school in Japan, recruiting engineers in Asia, and starting my own recruiting business in Silicon Valley. The one thing that has always been important to me is living vocationally. What that means to me is work that is meaningful as a craft, mission-driven in its impact, and rewarding in capital. Having tried too many wrong approaches, gotten some right, and having the opportunity to see thousands of other career and entrepreneur paths, I have landed on a set of principles that work in most people’s lives. This community is the platform to share and engage with those principles and the wisdom of the community that develops over time. If you share the belief that work matters, that “greater” work can make all things in your life better or easier to manage, then my promise to you is that this community will benefit you, bringing joy, renewed purpose, and practical tools & methods.

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* Yes, I am aware of the OpenAI fiasco- crazy!
Update: things at OpenAI seem mostly settled, and these GPTs currently work for anyone with a Plus account. In the future, TBD on a decision to keep the AI apps on this platform or rebuild them somewhere else.

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